Jay Z has had his work cut out for him defending his streaming service Tidal. Most recently, he spit a freestyle at his B-Sides concert sponsored by Tidal. In the rap, he dissed YouTube and Spotify and questioned why people spend so much money on Nike shoes and Apple iPhones.

According to AllHipHop, Joe Budden reacted to the freestyle on his podcast and did not approve of Hov’s rant.

“I think the freestyle was damage control,” Budden says.

In the rap, Jay Z suggested that people aren’t supporting Tidal because it’s run by a black man and Nike and Apple are successful because they are run by white men. Budden says that the color of Jay Z’s skin is not the reason people aren’t supporting Tidal, it’s the quality of the product.

“As far as Steve Jobs and we bought nine iPhones and as far as we bought all those sneakers and Phil Knight’s a fucking trillionaire,” the Slaughterhouse member says, “the part that he left out was the iPhone at the time was considered the best product on the market by many. Steve Jobs didn’t go to anybody and say, ‘Hey we’re not getting all of our money, so you should purchase this.’ Nike is considered by many to be the best sneaker on the market. It just so happened that today Tidal is not considered that.”

Budden continues by saying that Tidal shouldn’t be expected to be the best product in its market yet because of its youth.

“I don’t think anything is happening that, as wise as a businessman that (Jay Z) is, he shouldn’t have anticipated,” Budden says.

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