As Game and Young Thug‘s social media spat reached a climax last week, humanitarian and former gang leader T. Rodgers stepped in to ease the tensions.

He spoke to REVOLT about how he became involved and ultimately assisted in the two rapper’s reconciling.

“Game and Young Thug are not role models to the entire African-American community,” T. Rodgers says. “They are idols to a small population maybe 24 and under.”

Rodgers says Hip Hop manager and talent scout John Monopoly urged him to reach out to Game and Thugger before the conflict became violent. Monopoly and Rodgers then contacted JoJo Capone, a mutual friend of the two rappers, who convinced them both that they should be unified and not waste time squabbling in light of the civil unrest in Baltimore.

Thugger and Game subsequently took to social media to announce that their short-lived feud was over.

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