Lil Kim will be spending a year and a day in prison. Judge Gerald Lynch slammed down the sentencing Wednesday afternoon which includes a $50,000 fine and three years probation after her sentence. She is scheduled to begin September 19th.

Kim was on trial for the 2001 shootout which occurred outside of the Hot 97 studios in New York. Kim’s entourage reportedly engaged in a shootout with then rivals Capone-N-Noreaga’s crew regarding the song “Bang Bang” which featured Foxy Brown hurling venomous disses. Kim lied to a jury by stating she didn’t know the shooter when in fact she was photographed standing next to the shooter moments before the incident took place.

She was found guilty of three counts of perjury and one count of conspiracy back in March. She was handed a much more lenient sentencing then the prosecution sought after. She was facing 20 years but the judge gave her only one year and a day. Still the verdict is stiffer than Martha Stewart’s sentencing for the similar crime of lying to a jury.

The rapper issued a statement two hours after learning her fate: “I would like to thank all of my supporters who have stood by my side throughout this entire ordeal. The many prayers and hundreds of letters of support, e-mails and kind words that have poured in have been overwhelming and critical in helping my family, loved ones and myself stay strong during this time of need. Today was a very difficult day for me, but I am no stranger to adversity and will do whatever I need to do so that I can continue to work hard and give back to my family, amazing fans and community.