Erick Sermon shared his thoughts on Bruce Jenner’s sex change when TMZ recently approached him in NYC.

Erick, one half of EPMD, believes that the Olympic gold medalist should have confessed earlier in his career.

“Maybe, what he’s trying to do is bring about awareness because I heard that the suicide rate is heavy,” Sermon says. “He’s just crazy for doing it right now.

Sermon tells the celebrity gossips site that being transgender in the Hip Hop community is unacceptable. When asked whether or not he thinks the genre will ever embrace it, Sermon says “no.”

“You know what?” he says. “The way the world is going you’ll never know because we have some rappers that are close to that. I just think they are taking the culture too far. You have to be what Hip Hop represents. The culture is what is is.”

Watch the full interview below: