New York rapper Erick Sermon once again addressed his relationship with radio host-turned-television host, Wendy Williams, during an interview with Vlad TV.

According to Sermon, years ago, once the former radio personality began implicating people in the Hip Hop community he knew it was “a ploy” for Williams to get closer to stardom.

“Wendy Williams had implicated a lot of people into where she was getting her job,” Erick Sermon said. “And a person like me, I never thought that it would get that far. So, when I heard all these names get brought up besides me, I think it was a ploy for her to get where she get with stardom. You know what I mean? Cause people already knew me…Again, I could have easily put that dirt on her. As far as what she did. And how it went down. Cause she was a fan of mines. Me and her were friends, the whole nine. And then for her to do that it kind of made me look at what happened with Puffy. When Puffy got her fired and people was—And her and Treach had the argument. You start hearing Red and Meth. You start hearing people like that. I knew ‘Oh, this is a big game.’ This is a big ploy for her to get famous because all of a sudden it’s 1,000 names.”

In a past interview with Vlad TV, Sermon was asked about rumors that he was gay. He then stated that the rumors were false and that Wendy Williams was the one responsible for the rumors.

And in his most recent interview with Vlad TV, the rapper was asked if his past relationship with Williams was romantic or if the two were just friends. He revealed that the former radio host was merely a fan of his.

“It wasn’t no romance now,” he said. “She just happened to be a fan of mine…She used to always talk about me all the time. Again, you could tell she liked me and the whole nine…I never thought to go at her. I never thought for that part. But again, you heard other stuff that you probably heard out there.”

Erick Sermon’s interview with Vlad TV can be found below.

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