Raekwon says that he recorded a verse for a Jay Z track called “Heaven” which was never released.

“Jay had a thought in his mind that he wanted Rae and [Ghostface Killah] on his particular record which was called ‘Heaven,’” Raekwon says in an interview with AllHipHop.com. “He called me and called me, and said, ‘Hov wanna put you on a record.’ And mind you, I might have seen Hov like two or three times in my whole career.”

He says that he was enthusiastic about making a song with Jay Z.

“So I was like, ‘Yeah I’m down with the homie, I respect him…Let’s get it poppin’. Brooklyn, Shaolin. Let’s do it,’’ Raekwon says in the interview. “I actually came to the studio, and they said, ‘Yo, he actually wasn’t going to be able to be there while you was doin’ it.’ I was like, ‘I know niggas who’s busy.’ But yo, he wound up coming to the session. We talked about life. We talked about real shit. Real nigga shit, family.”

Despite their connection in the studio, Ghostface Killah’s lack of availability doomed the track.

“The main thing was, I think he just had a vision to put Ghost and me on a track together,” Raekwon says. “I was able to do my part but Ghost wasn’t available at the time…Next thing you know, he didn’t want to put it out because he didn’t have what he wanted. And I know I get like that too…No love lost on my side.”

Rumors previously surrounded the pair of emcees after a photo of them in the studio surfaced.

“I guess he tucked it or whatever and, you know, I guess he got a plan or whatever,” Raekwon says in an interview posted last year. “I don’t really know. You know what I mean? I just know that at the end of the day we still got things that we discussing that we gon’ make happen. I don’t know what happened with the record though, you know…I don’t know what happened cause I know I guess he wanted to have Starks on it, too. You know how it is when you got your vision and you want it to be a certain way. It didn’t come fully into fruition though, but it was still a lot of great love though.”

The Wu-Tang emcee released his Fly International Luxurious Art album today.

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