Waka Flocka Flame recently spoke with MTV about his upcoming album Flockaveli 2.

The Atlanta-bred rapper says the reason why the album has been forthcoming for nearly three years is because he “can’t get off the road.”

“I haven’t been in the studio in like nine months,” he explained to MTV’s Nadeska Alexis. “I feel like I want to go to every country and touch the people. Let them realize who I am. I’m not just this guy on Youtube. I feel like I accomplished my goal.”

Flocka first mentioned Flockaveli 2 in 2013. Since then, he’s released album art and even Tweeted a list of rappers set to be featured.

Now, Waka explains, tweeting names like Lil Wayne, Drake, Jay Z, and Kanye West was just a marketing ploy.

“I don’t want big names,” he says. “Its too early to release my features.”

When asked whether or not he plans to cater to the fans that would like to hear a mostly EDM album from him, Waka believes his audience would rather see “underground Waka.”

“I feel like my core fans from the earlier stage of my career,” he explains. “They want to hear that rap. They want the underground Waka… People be like yo your fans changed. I’m like no nigga, they’ve always been here. My fans are the same. It’s just now I know how to touch different crowds now and I just want to put it all together. I don’t want to say I’m rapping for the Whites or the Blacks or the Mexicans or Indians. I just want to do one style of music and everybody listen to it.”

Watch the full interview below:

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