Rumors continue to swirl about the high-profile breakup of Big Sean and Ariana Grande. Some new TMZ-sourced gossip alleges that while the Detroit rapper was the one who made the final break, Grande might have orchestrated their rift.

According to TMZ, which cites one of its seemingly endless supply of unnamed sources, Justin Bieber’s controversial grabbiness at a recent Grande concert was staged by Ariana herself just after she split with Sean. Before the Bieber incident, Sean had allegedly already broken it off with Grande, citing her immaturity.

TMZ also reports that the couple may have began falling apart as early as February after the Pop singer failed to show at Sean’s high-profile, pre-Grammy’s House of Blues concert in West Hollywood that month. The site also claims the relationship was slightly one-sided with the rapper traveling “10 times more” often than her to be together.

Nonetheless, another TMZ report tells an almost-opposite story of the breakup, spurred by Grande becoming angered over Sean rapping about his “million dollar chick with a billion dollar p****y” on the track “Stay Down.”

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