Suge Knight’s murder trial has seen its fair share of antics. From entering the courtroom outfitted as a blind man to fainting when learning of how expensive his bail would be, the former Death Row Records CEO has been a spectacle pre-trial.

During a recent sit-down interview with Vlad TV, Daz Dillinger made light of Suge’s courtroom antics and threatened anyone who would put up the absurdly large bail that was set for him.

“I’m going in there and [I’m going to] rob whoever got that $25 million bail,” Daz said when asked about Suge’s trial. “I’m taking everything out of his house ’cause he’s never coming back [laughs]… That’s what they do. You go to jail, motherfucker close to you, they going to hit you.”

He also joked that he would clear out the house of the person living with him because they they’re rich enough to pay Suge Knight’s reported $25 million bail.

“I’m just an observer. I’m just looking at the shit, it’s my opinion,” he said. “I’m looking for the person who live with Suge Knight then wiping him out right now and stealing everything,” when asked to clarify, Knight replied, “The motherfucker who live with him–his girlfriend, whoever has keys to his house–all the shit in their, the big earring he be wearing. I know I can pawn that motherfucker.”

Daz Dillinger recently called Suge Knight a police informant via an Instagram video saying, “Look how this nigga Suge Knight is walking up and the police is shaking his hand. Does that look like a police informant to you?” The video, which has since been removed from his account, also had a caption reading, “POLICE INFORMAT AFTER A MURDER LOL.”

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