In a new announcement, the state of Tupac’s estate is in “total reset” after a recent Gatorade commercial set a new precedent in releasing the late West Coast rapper’s material.

According to Billboard, JAM Inc.’s Jeff Jampol, Shakur’s mother, Afeni and Tom Whalley, who originally signed Tupac to Interscope in the early 90s are currently working in coordination in order to release never before heard music from ‘Pac and apparently, there’s a bunch of it.

According to Whalley, the music “is in bits and pieces, some of it is complete; some of it is good, some of it needs work.” He also remarks that “the work that is left can be completed, and is worth his fans hearing.” Along with the unreleased music are “remixes, original demos, writings, scripts, plans, video treatments, poems” that’ve never been available to the public. Perhaps also notable is that there’s a forthcoming biography by “a very serious writer,” according to Mr. Whalley.



Kendrick Lamar’s recently released album, To Pimp A Butterflycontains an interview with Tupac Shakur on the track “Mortal Man.” Whalley claims Kendrick approached him about using the interview–something he approved. It’s also been thrown around that Kendrick’s most recent collaboration with Tupac’s unearthed material isn’t going to be an isolated occurrence and that there’s a good chance their music could come together again in the future.