During a newly published interview uploaded to YouTube by JMix/Jesse Surratt Productions, Digital Underground founder Shock G (a/k/a Humpty Hump) opened up about his knowledge of Tupac Shakur’s final moments, following being shot in Las Vegas in 1996.

“[Tupac] was an angel,” Shock G says. “Not an angel in a storybook, an angel for real, in this real world. Getting saved and [getting] kept out of harm’s way until it got too intense for him to live in this form. It got to where it was harder for him to live.”

Shock G later recalled a story he had heard from someone close to Tupac when the iconic rapper passed away in September of 1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“What I understand and what I heard, I can’t remember if I heard it from Afeni [Shakur] or somebody who was in that hospital [but] there was somebody in the room when ‘Pac finally took that one little bit consciousness that he took after being in the hospital two years after that final shooting. He came to for a little bit, looked around the room, he was listening, he was on machines and stuff but when they told him that, ‘Yo, this and that happened and we had to take one of your lungs.’ And when he heard that, they said he just went. [He] closed his eyes and let go… He was just like, ‘Me with one lung? That ain’t gonna work. I can’t be Pac with a cane and this and that.’ It would have took the victory of all the things that he’s done and said and I think he’d known that it would have weakened his statement. And his statement was real. He settled for what happened. He let what happened happen. He didn’t know if it was gonna be Vegas but he was kinda asking for that. He was running to it. He just wanted to rest. He couldn’t rest. ‘Pac was tired, man.”

Shock G’s interview can be viewed below:

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