Just days after Method Man called out the Hip Hop media and producer Cilvaringz in an interview with Huffington Post, the Wu-Tang Clan affiliated producer has issued a statement in response.

Earlier this week Method Man sounded off on a XXL journalist  following a controversial interview with the site and called out the Hip Hop media more generally for what he hinted are exploitative practices. During the HuffPo interview Meth also threw Cilvaringz under the bus for his part in the Once Upon a Time In Shaolinalbum roll-out, saying, “It’s never us coming with the gimmicks, it’s always on the outside, a ‘B’ Wu guy or somebody like that coming with some crap that’s just so gimmicky.”

Issuing a statement to HipHopDX in response, Cilvaringz says he was surprised by Method Man’s choice of words.

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“I got nothing but love and respect for Meth,” he said. “Dude’s been nothing but cool to me. He’s always been one of the realest dudes I met, so I’m surprised he went off on me like that publicly, that’s not really his style. Then again, he seemed frustrated with a variety of things—he’s right about some things he addressed and I wish communication had been better recently. I take no offense though, hope me and him can get to talk sooner or later.”

Check out a full breakdown of Method Man’s current rift with the Hip Hop media below: