After both 40 Glocc and Game appeared in court yesterday (March 10) following a 2012 altercation between both parties, Game uploaded a picture of 40 Glocc in court, on Instagram and claimed that the Galveston, Texas-born rapper was “snitchin.”

In the caption to his Instagram photo, the Compton, California wordsmith also fessed up to beating 40 Glocc up “for the world to see.” The accompanying caption to Game’s court photo can be found below.

“Meet Ratatouille aka Master Splinter aka 40 cocks in his mouth in court SNITCHIN…. Got me in here wit all these police, lawyers & shit cause yo pussy ass can’t take yo ass whoopin like the SUPER CRIP you claim to be…. You ain’t no crip, yo own hood don’t fuck wit you & you live in Vegas in a roach motel wit 2 prostitues… I beat yo mothafuckin ass & you in court tellin on a nigga…. Well tell bitch… Yea, I did it.. I FUCKED YOU UP for the world to see…. Ran up on Plies & my nigga Tune wit that fake thug shit but when I caught you, you got BEAT THE FUCK UP !!!! Compton niggas wit the bidness nigga !!!! You a mark & everybody know it !!! SAY THAT AINT YOU up there wit yo rat ass”

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The pair’s appearance in court this week stemmed from a $4.5 million lawsuit 40 filed against Game following their brawl.

At one point in the ongoing feud between the two artists, both 40 Glocc and Game claimed self-defense following the altercation in Los Angeles, California. Most recently, 40 Glocc referred to Game as “a coward” in an Instagram post uploaded to his account last June.