Rapper 40 Glocc was has responded to the film footage released this past weekend of his latest altercation with Game. Speaking with VladTV in the last 24 hours, the Zoo Life CEO and longtime G-Unit/Infamous Music affiliate confirmed the fight, but questioned his opponents’ use of guns. Referring to Game, he said, “I was more shocked [that] the bitch-ass nigga chased me down with the pistol and didn’t squeeze,” 40 told Vlad. “I had to talk the nigga up out of it, [saying] ‘Don’t do this.'”

The Inland Empire rapper also known as Big Bad 40 confirmed that he will not be pressing charges against the Aftermath/Black Wall Street star. “Me, I don’t give a fuck; I ain’t pressin’ no charges…that shit ain’t nothin’.” He added, “You gotta take an L in certain situations.”

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40 acknowledged that he was scratched from the fight, as well as had a bloodied eye. The rapper refuted reports that he was knocked unconscious in the fight before continuing, “My motto is ‘If you don’t got a gun and they got some, you better run.'”

40 Glocc also added that he will likely retaliate on Game and company when the odds are even. “You gotta get ready for the repeat.” Before closing, 40 said, “Thank God the nigga didn’t have a tad bit of me in him…I’d be dead right now.”

The full audio interview with VladTV.com is below:

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