Legal documents indicate that Game has said he was acting in self-defense in his infamous fight with 40 Glocc, according to TMZ.

Legal documents show Game says he began punching 40 Glocc after 40 pulled a gun, according to the publication. The legal documents stem from a lawsuit 40 Glocc filed against Game claiming the rapper humiliated him by uploading a video of a portion of their brawl to the Internet. 

40 Glocc has also claimed that Game had a gun at the time of the fight. Game’s recording of the fight, which was published soon after it took place, does not show either person with a weapon. 

In the legal documents, Game also notes his success with Grammy nods, a television series and more than 1 million Twitter followers and compares them to 40 Glocc, who does not have a Grammy nomination, a television show or more than 1 million Twitter followers. Glocc has approximately 53,000 followers on the social media platform. 

Game also says this is part of 40 Glocc’s “gangster agenda to profit from threats, intimidation and taunts.” 

The fight, which can be viewed below, has been part of an ongoing feud between 40 Glocc and Game, one that has included diss tracks and interview statements. Recently, Game addressed the feud on a remix of “ChiRaq.” “First off, let me go on 40 Glocc again,” Game raps on the track. “Talk about my kids on Instagram / Nigga must wanna get his ass socked again / Tell a lie like I pulled out a glock on him / Don’t make me resurrect ‘Pac again.”

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