Killer Mike recently discussed recording with Pimp C in the first episode of “Special Education,” .

“I was too intimidated,” Mike says within the clip. “I was a chump. He was a pimp. The pimp was telling me what to do. I listened. He was a pimp saying put some reverb, he was like, ‘This is how you do it boy. You stand at the microphone and this how you do it like Pimp C.’ He taught me how to do it.”

The YouTube series is hosted by Bay Area radio personality Miss Special. It features a game component to the questions. The hostess asks a question to the artists and they both write down their answers on a white board.

Miss Special asks the emcee, “If you weren’t rapping what you be?”

Killer Make says that he would be a barber if not for Hip Hop, and that he currently owns a shop.

Last week, he penned an Op-Ed in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Martin was a young father who at the threat of death dared to push forward on behalf of all humanity against the global reign of America and her allies’ evil, perpetrated through war,” he wrote.  “He was a man of conscience who valued the life of all humans.”

Check out Killer Mike’s “Special Education” interview below: