During the third episode of Noisey’s series exploring the Atlanta rap scene, the show’s host Thomas Morton spoke with Curtis Daniels, the CEO of Patchwerk Studios where Gucci Mane frequents, who revealed that he owns three hard drives worth of unreleased Gucci Mane material.

“I liked [it] when he was here because he stayed out of trouble,” Curtis Daniels says. “And the label was like, ‘Hey, let’s just keep him in the studio because when he in the studio he ain’t getting into trouble.’ Usually he’ll go from jail to the studio. On the call he’ll be like, ‘I’m getting out. I’ve wrote a bunch of stuff. I’ve got a lot of stuff I need to get off my chest.’ Then, he’ll come in the studio and he’ll just work. That’s how it’s been every other time. In my office I probably got like three hard drives worth of Gucci [Mane’s] music that ain’t been released.”

Thomas Morton also spoke with super producer Zaytoven about Gucci Mane and his influence on the genre of trap.

During the conversation, Zaytoven spoke on trap’s widespread appeal before calling Gucci Mane the “big dog” when it comes to trap music. Zaytoven’s comments come just weeks after calling Gucci “one of the best of our time,” during a recent interview with DJ Smallz.

“The trouble that they get in or try to stay out of is almost the reason why their music come across so good,” Zaytoven says of trap music. “You’ll probably never live that lifestyle [or] never see it, but you’ll feel what they going through or feel what they doing ‘cause these are the type of lifestyle these guys are living.

“We respect Gucci so much because Gucci will bring everybody together,” Zaytoven adds. “He’s the mayor. He’s the main guy when you talk about trap music, that’s who you wanna hear. Everybody else is understudies and doing their thing but he’s the big dog. He’s putting on everybody, he’s giving everybody a shot.”

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