Gucci Mane has managed to release an onslaught of new music despite being incarcerated in a Georgia state prison since August, 2004.

Zaytoven has worked with the 34-year-old rapper extensively ever since he arrived in Atlanta.

“When I first came to Atlanta, one of the ways I met Gucci Mane was cutting hair,” he says in a video interview with DJ Smallz. “I was going to the barber college and that’s how I ended up hooking up with Gucci Mane.”

Since then, the duo has crafted countless hits and they’ve continued their relationship, despite Gucci’s circumstances.

“We talk at least once a week,” says Zaytoven. “I’ve been with Gucci since the beginning, so he’s been incarcerated quite a few times. We always stay in touch.”

“We’re always going to have enough music to drop while he’s gone,” he adds. “That’s why he’s been able to uphold in the music game.”

During the past few weeks, Gucci has delivered two mixtapes and an album. Zaytoven’s productions are peppered into each project.

“This is one guy that you can’t beat when it comes to work ethic,” he says. “It’s like, ‘How in the world does he keep coming up with this stuff?’ He’s one of the best of our time to do this Rap music or Trap music, and I think a lot of people stem from Gucci Mane.

“A lot of new artists, they come from him,” he adds. “He’s the godfather of a lot of the music that’s going on.”

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