Speaking about the latest phase of his career in a conversation with HipHopDX, Young Buck addressed his return to G-Unit after serving time in prison and hinted at the group’s next moves.

“This is like the reinvention of Buck,” he says in a clip that debuted as a part of today’s DX Daily. “I’ve been away from the game for a minute. I been to prison and back, the whole nine. It’s almost like an untold story of where things was at with me and G-Unit and then to see us come back together and be stronger than ever and not miss a beat, that means a lot. Not just to us, but to the people, the fans. This is really just the beginning. This is just the kickoff. You’ve got to really focus on G-Unit. We in a situation where you dealing with a guy like 50 Cent that will move at any moment, at any second. He does whatever the fuck he wanna do.”

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Earlier this month, Buck spoke with HipHopDX about the G-Unit reunion and his own time away from the music industry.

“I was real open about letting it be known that if it was ever a possibility of it happening, I was open to it,” he said. “I never got a direct answer from 50 to say yes or no, but that wasn’t my answer, only because I know 50 that when he didn’t give me that direct yes or no, or, ‘I’m onto it,’ or, ‘Yeah, I’m with it,’ when he wasn’t giving that I thought, “Okay, maybe it’s a possibility,” because 50 is a real straightforward dude, he gonna let you know like, ‘yeah,’ or, ‘no.’ He didn’t really give it to that situation. So I knew that maybe he just didn’t want to answer the question at the time, or maybe he felt like, ‘Maybe it’s wrong for it to happen.’

“So after awhile, time had went by, I’d been to prison and come home. I’d just really got out here with the whole mindframe of, ‘Regardless, let me push my line, and whatever happens out of my career, my focus is to get Buck back to where Buck needs to be.’ I started putting out a few records, letting the people know that I was home. I didn’t have that big ‘Welcome Home’ presence that you get from a lot of artists. It is what it is. I never really got that whole ‘Free Buck’ campaign. Of course I had my people there, and the people that was there for me, but you never really got that full campaign. So I’ve spoken on my incarceration and people been like, ‘Oh damn, you went to prison!’ So you know, that let’s me know that I was all the way off the radar, homey.”