While talking to Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Action Bronson says he doesn’t like to listen to White rappers.

“I don’t think that White rappers are taking over the game at all,” Action Bronson says in the interview, which was posted today (January 21). “I myself hate listening to White rappers.”

Action Bronson says that the focus should be on the music, not the label. The rapper downplayed his recent Twitter exchange with Azealia Banks.

“Her album was coming out,” Bronson says. “She needed some publicity. It’s not even a big deal. It’s just some stupid, because I’ve met her people, I’m cool with her people.

The former chef, who says breaking a leg in the kitchen helped transition his career into music, says he is trying to get healthy.

“All I do is juice all day,” Bronson says. “ Ginger shots, all kinds of wheat grasses…[My web series] is going to be me working out in biker shorts. Doctor told me I had to get healthy. I have kids. I’m trying to live.”

The New York rapper describes some of his local Hip Hop influences.

“ I did a lot of bad things to the Cormega album,” Bronson says. “The realness, really, you know, we would drive around and do bad things to that album. Kool G Rap is one of my favorites of all time, it’s just out of control…he’s the man.”

Action Bronson, whose voice has been compared to Ghostface Killah, says he is a major Wu-Tang Clan supporter.

“My voice possibly sounds a similar tone to him, but there’s nothing about me that’s Ghostface,” Bronson says. “It is what it is. We both from New York. We both have a similar slang.”

Action Bronson’s debut album, Mr. Wonderful, is slated for a March 24 release. He says he is signed by Vice and initially was distributed by Warner Bros., but got “traded” to Atlantic. He is not sold on the major label concept.

“We’ll see, as of now I feel that I would have been moving already,” Action Bronson says. “There’s a lot of waiting, and I’m not that guy. I’m D.I.Y.”

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