During an exclusive interview that premiered in the DX Daily today (October 7), Wu-Tang Clan lyricist Ghostface Killah revealed that Supreme Clientele 2 is being worked on. Fully titled Supreme Clientele 2: Blue & Cream, the album is described as “a whole different ball game” by Ghostface.

According to the rapper, who spoke to DX during a press conference held for Wu Tang’s A Better Tomorrow album, he’s waiting on samples to be cleared and is also hoping to secure several features for the project.

Additionally, Ghostface shared that Supreme Clientele 2 will be “one of the best albums” he’s ever released.

“I think I get better at what I do,” Ghostface Killah said. “I learn. You know what I mean? That’s why with the Blue & Cream Supreme Clientele 2 it’s gonna be a whole different ball game, baby. I just gotta hope my samples get cleared. I just don’t got the people on it that I want to get on it because I’ve been doing so much other stuff like that. So, once I can complete that and maybe find a home for it—Cause I haven’t shopped it yet. I’m just doing what I do…It’ll probably be one of the best albums I ever did. After that I’m done with it.”

Despite what he feels is a lack of radio support, Ghostface says he’s still lethal with a pen when compared with other rappers.

“You got certain emcees right now that’s out there that you see all the time and you hear ‘em on radio and shit like that,” he said. “But I never really had radio behind me, but I know that I’m lethal. And they know I’m lethal. [Them] artists know I’m lethal. They know that if you put my pen against they pen it’s gonna swallow they pen.”

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