During a newly-released interview with Vlad TV, Long Island, New York singer Ashanti was asked what ultimately caused the decline of her former label home, Murder Inc. The songstress first spoke on the label being federally indicted and then mentioned Ja Rule’s feud with fellow rapper, 50 Cent.

Ashanti then addressed the various diss records being thrown around at the time and revealed that despite being “the most successful ones” at Murder Inc, creating a diss record with Ja Rule wasn’t an option.

“I think it was pretty obvious,” Ashanti said when asked about the decline of Murder Inc. “Being federally indicted, I’d say. The damage was done. You know what I mean? That went on for a long time. Obviously, the beef with 50 and Ja. It was a lot. And when you think about it, me and Ja were the most successful ones on the record label. So, when everybody was making their diss records or whatever, it’s not like me and Ja was gonna make a diss record together.

“Everyone else they were doing whatever they were doing on the other side,” she added. “And it was a whole lot of darts being thrown. So, it’s kinda like him being the star…Again, it was kinda like it was me and him. So, it didn’t make a lot of sense for me and him to collectively do something together towards someone else…It was a really crazy time. I don’t wanna get too much into the politics of it at all, but again, envy and jealousy is a mean trait. Being bitter it’s not a good characteristic.”

Close to a year ago, Ashanti recalled being negatively affected by the feud between G-Unit and Murder Inc, stating that she “caught the stray bullet” in the beef.

“You have the term ‘guilty by association,’” Ashanti said during an interview with The Grio last February. “It’s funny because I’ve had plenty of conversations with plenty of ‘thugs,’ plenty of dudes. Even with [50 Cent], it was just like, ‘It was never aimed at you, it was never anything personal, it was just your crew.’ I caught the stray bullet, you know what I mean. You learn to not take it personal, but at the same time it is affecting you personally. It’s your livelihood. It’s your career. It’s your bank account. There were several endorsements that were lost because of that whole time.”

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