Beanie Siegel has endured a challenging few years

Just months after he was released from prison, Beans was shot in the abdomen near his Pleasantville, NJ residence.

According to his protege, Freeway, the rapper is now home recovering.

Another one of Beans’ frequent collaborators, Jahlil Beats, recently gave an update on the former Rocafella recording artist’s musical projects. 

In an interview with Nah Right, Beats said he’s working on Beans’ upcoming mixtape, a follow-up to his 2005 offering Public Enemy #1.

“We doing Still Public Enemy,” the producer says. “I think that Beans is gonna surprise ‘em too. His last big joint with Green Lantern was Public Enemy #1. This joint is Still Public Enemy. It’s like a mixtape, but it’s like an album because [it has] all my shit. Shit gonna be crazy. I got some surprises on that joint.”

Jahlil also said that he isn’t sure when the project will be released. He’s more concerned with Beans’ wellbeing.

“We just waiting on Beans,” he says. “Hopefully, he get right. It’s just a blessing that he made it through such an unfortunate situation. But it is what it is. God do things for different reasons. Hopefully, this will have him super focused. I know he was super, super focused. That’s the reason why we were working cause I knew that this dude was super ready. He was ready to make some shit happen. I’m excited.

“Honestly, I couldn’t even say [if Still Public Enemy is coming out this year,]” he continues. “I’m just keeping him in my prayers and hoping he recovers 100 percent.”

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