The power of a rapper’s endorsement continues to prove profitable.

Waka Flocka Flame‘s 30-second Pine Bros. Softish Throat Drops commercial has doubled sales for the company, Hip Hop Wired reports.

Pine Bros. Marketing Vice President David Roach recently spoke with HHW about the effect Waka has had on the company.

“Pine Bros was growing anyway, because our word of mouth buzz is insanely high,” he said. “If you try Pine Bros., you’re hooked. But certainly Waka single-handedly doubled sales, I’ll say that, and maybe tripled.”

The commercial, which was written and directed by Rider McDowell, premiered last year during the American Music Awards. Although it was primarily well-received and acceptable to ABC, networks like NBC and CBS banned it due to its marijuana innuendoes.

“It was pretty bold, and we had our share of pundits who said it was a goofy move,” Roach explained.

“But Rider is a bold entrepreneur, and he really liked Waka as a person, saw his charisma and potential to appeal to younger consumers across races… Waka has single-handedly made this great 144-year-old product hip again. And in advertising, that is huge.”

Check out the commercial below: