Queens, New York rapper 50 Cent recently offered his thoughts on boxer Adrian Broner dissing Jay Z and Roc Nation after he was offered a five-year, $40 million contract by Roc Nation. While speaking briefly with TMZ, 50 revealed that it “wasn’t a good idea” for Broner to verbally attack Roc Nation and Jay Z.

“That wasn’t a good idea to say that. 40 million, he should take it,” 50 Cent said to TMZ.

Earlier this month, TMZ Sports caught up with Broner to get his thoughts on the Roc Nation offer he turned down. He called the five-year, $40 million offer “bullshit” and demanded that Jay Z speak to him personally about any Roc Nation deals.

“I mean, you know, they sent an email whatever,” Broner said. “You know, Jay Z didn’t do it literally. They shot the email or whatever, I wasn’t happy with it. The capacity of the contract was $40 million for five years, that’s just bullshit…Like I wanted to tell him, and hopefully this get to him, stop sending your workers to come talk to me. I’m a boss, man. Bosses talk to bosses.”

Broner also declared “fuck Rihanna” during his interview with TMZ Sports. The boxer has since offered an apology to both Rihanna and Jay Z following the comments he made.

“One of the main reasons why I was wrong is you never invite another man to another man’s private part,” he said in a video obtained by TMZ Sports. “That’s just ridiculous. I was caught up in the moment. And I want to apologize to Jay for that. I’m a man at the end of the day. And I’m wrong…I never should have said ‘forget Rihanna.’ I said it in a more explicit way. But I just wanna say ‘I’m wrong’ to the public…And if Jay wanna talk to me you can get in touch with me and holla at me and we’ll talk about it.”

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