A$AP Ant sat down with VladTV to discuss A$AP Rocky’s career.

“He went left lane on ’em,” the A$AP Mob member says. “He didn’t sound like an average New York rapper, like a Joey Bada$$ trying to bring that back. Get what I’m sayin’? It’s like he went Down South on ’em, but everybody can gravitate to that type of music ’cause of the music he was making. It was that Cloud music–feel me–niggas never heard before.”

He also explained why the lane for “Cloud Rap” was wide open for Rocky.

“No New York rapper–I’m not going to say they can’t rep Cloud music–but they never had the thought to switch lanes,” he says. “They be boxed in. You can’t be boxed in. You gotta know the different genres. You gotta know the South Hip Hop. You gotta know the West. Nowadays, you can’t just think about, ‘I’ma put on for my region.’ You gotta put on for every region so towns all over can feel you.”

When asked about the contrast between A$AP Mob’s and “typical Harlem” music, Ant pointed out that it wouldn’t be difficult to sound like Dipset if they wanted to.

“You don’t want to come in there and sound like Dipset,” he says. “We still Harlem for life. We just gotta be different with the sounds…You could give us the hit-making beats. We could make music like Dipset if we wanted to. It ain’t nothing at all. Juelz is my favorite rapper. I could spit like Juelz if I wanted to, but I’m not gonna do that. I’m gonna create my own lane so they can fuck with me for that, not fuck with me because I sound like someone else or was prefaced by Dipset.”

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