Days after Royce Da 5’9 responded to fellow artist Tyler, The Creator’s comments that the ShadyXV album was “fucking ASS,” Slaughterhouse lyricist Joell Ortiz has offered his own response.

During an interview with Vlad TV, Joell credited Tyler’s comments to the Ladera Heights, California rapper being “very opinionated.” He also revealed that he wasn’t bothered by Tyler’s comments, which were made via Twitter, and added that he thinks the ShadyXV album is “fantastic.”

“I heard about it. That’s like Tyler being Tyler, to be honest with you,” Joell said. “He’s very opinionated. And not everybody has to like everything…Opinion and more opinion. And it’s cool. Everybody knows Tyler, The Creator is very, very opinionated. So, I guess that’s how he feel. I of course disagree. I think the album’s fantastic. I think it’s very, very, very important for what’s going on right now. To give these kids something else other than what’s being shoved down their throat…We on there rapping our asses off. It’s a great album.”

Joell later spoke on Eminem during his interview after he was asked what he’s learned the most working with Eminem. He revealed that it’s Em’s extreme work ethic that he’s had the ability to learn from.

The Brooklyn, New York rapper then recalled being unable to defend Eminem when the musician’s race was brought up during barbershop arguments, since he was unfamiliar with Em’s work ethic at the time.

“Eminem works very, very, very hard…Put it like this, I’m from the projects,” he said. “I grew up in the projects, predominantly black, African American. Pre-music, pre-my career, the thing that was said in barber shops was ‘I mean he’s nice, but the fact that he’s white is why he’s winning.’ I’m being honest with you. That’s what gets said. I mean, it helps that he’s white. And I wasn’t able to defend him cause I didn’t know him. But now I know why. He’s who he is. He lives in the studio. He breathes it…Passionate is an understatement. This guy cares about it. He cares about rap. He cares about what he’s saying. He knows he has such an important voice. He wants to say something. And he says it well.”

Joell’s interview with Vlad TV can be found below.

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