With more and more information making its way to the Internet from Sony’s recent security breach, one of the latest revelations comes from an email from Spike Lee’s agent to the head of Sony Pictures Entertainment about a possible follow-up to the director’s 1988 movie School Daze. In the email, Lee’s agent, Doug Belgrad, offers up the possibility of the sequel to Sony with ambitions to secure both Drake and Kevin Hart for the project’s lead roles.

“This is a new draft that Spike has written after meetings with Drake, who will play the lead role of PE*NIS, and Kevin Hart who will play DAT NIGGA JIGGA,” Belgrad wrote. “The budget is $ 9 million (net, after Georgia tax credits), not including historic costs, star salaries, creative producer fees. I believe in the film both as an entertainment — a college film —  and as a provocative and exciting piece about the conflict of traditional values (education, college) and hip hop/star/celebrity culture.  Why go to college to get a job to make money when you can make more money rapping, stripping, and creating salacious music videos even if they demean women?

Despite the recent news, Sony has not commented on the possibility of the sequel and the project has yet to be confirmed by either Spike Lee himself or the studio.

Last year, Lee revealed that he had finished a script for School Daze Too. 

“Hopefully I can get Laurence Fishburne to play Dap, he’ll be the president now of the school,” the director/producer said at the time. “It would deal with issues in HSBCUs today, some of the same stuff from the last film… like the pledging process, but also lots of new stuff, like homophobia… it’s a big subject in it… class issues, color, hair texture… but it’s stuff happening today.”

Earlier this year, Drake and Kevin Hart had a friendly back-and-forth on Instagram following the rapper’s shooting an airball during a college basketball pre-game. Hart’s Instagram post clowning Drake ended with a short clip of his own stand-up material and featured hashtags like #WhyIsHeInFulluniform, #CanadaHatesThatHeDidThis, and, #DrakeMakesBadDecisions.

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