Puff Daddy and Drake’s scuffle in a Miami nightclub early on Monday morning was the week’s biggest Hip Hop news and revelations about the fight poured in shortly after. Elsewhere, Lil Wayne vaguely announced that he’ll remain loyal to Cash Money Records after airing out some public grievances on Twitter about his album delay. Finally, with J. Cole’s new album released at the top of the week, news that the album might possibly bring the biggest first week sales numbers for a Hip Hop album yet in 2014 followed shortly after. Still, when Trick Trick caught wind of some of Cole’s lines on the song “Firing Squad,” which features an underhanded reference to Eminem, he threatened to “lock the gate on” Cole in a string of comments on Instagram.

Diddy & Drake Confrontation Over “0 to 100” Beat

Apparently angry over a disagreement about a Boi-1da beat that they were both given separately, Puff Daddy reportedly punched Drake early Monday morning in Miami at a nightclub. Diddy, who apparently had had the beat for months, was upset that Drake used the music to record what would become his latest hit “0 To 100,” according to Hollywood Life. Then, TMZ released footage of the mogul dissing Drake over the beat jack months ago at a performance in Miami. Read the whole story and watch TMZ’s latest video on HipHopDX here.

Lil Wayne Is Sticking With Young Money

After taking to Twitter last week to air out his grievances about his label and album delay, Lil Wayne seemed to backtrack with a simple Tweet earlier this week confirming that he’s still loyal to his longtime home.

Last week, Wayne plastered a different sentiment to his account. “To all my fans, I want u to know that my album won’t and hasn’t been released bekuz Baby & Cash Money Rec. refuse to release it,” he Tweeted. 


Trick Trick Reacts To J. Cole’s “Firing Squad”

Responding to some choice lines on J. Cole’s “Firing Squad” about Detroit rapper Eminem (who gets named alongside Macklemore and Iggy Azalea), Trick Trick took to Instagram to let his feelings be known.   On Instagram, Marv O’Neal posted a picture of a recent Facebook status he made about the situation, questioning J. Cole’s motives. Trick commented on it saying “He ain’t poppin “Shit Shit” is he????? I will lock the gate on that nigga!” He also said Cole was building “himself an ass Whippin.” Read the full story here.

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