Master P and his brother Silkk the Shocker were charged together on March 28th with carrying unregistered loaded guns following an arrest in January. Both men were arrested on the University of California campus after being stopped by campus police in a leased car because it didn’t have any license plates. When an officer approached the car he noticed a gun near the drivers seat and another under the front passenger seat. Both were arrested and released on $35,000 bail and have been charged with one felony count each for the gun possession.

In other news C-Murder’s lawyer has been banned from bringing pens to the jail when he visits him at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center because they believe he smuggled out lyrics for his new album The Trust S**t I Ever Said. Ron Rakosky, C- Murder’s lawyer believes his clients right to have legal counsel with proper documents is interfering with case. While in jail C-Murder has also shot footage of his first single “Ya’ll Heard of Me” with the allege permission of Sheriff Harry Lee. C-Murder is also said to be working on two books while he is in jail, “Death Around the Corner” and “Crazy Mikey”.