Gangsta Boo, the first female of the Three 6 Mafia, spoke about Iggy Azalea’s recent American Music Awards for best rap artists and album in a video interview with DJ Smallz published today (December 5).

“I’m sure she probably paid for it ,” Gangsta Boo says in the video. “I’m not an Iggy fan that’s not a secret. I’m not really a fan of a lot of White female rappers, to say the least, but that don’t mean I can’t hang out with them and have a cocktail. I just don’t really believe in their music. That’s just me, but the masses, millions of them do.”

Gangsta Boo split from Da Mafia 6ix this spring, and released Witch in May. She says that she will always consider herself a member of Three 6 Mafia.

“I have my own lane,” Gangsta Boo says. “I’ve been around since the ‘90s and I’m still relevant.  Work your lane and do you.”

The Memphis-born rapper says she likes rising female Detroit emcee Dej Loaf’s single “Try Me” and offers advice to the ladies of Hip Hop.

“Be original, don’t try to hard,” Gangsta Boo says. “If you can’t rap, don’t rap. There’s nothing wrong with playing the background just staying a writer. I just wish more people played their positions. Therefore the game wouldn’t be overcrowded. Just play your part dude. If you’re dope, continue to be dope. If you’re not, fall back. There is no room for the weak and the ungrateful.”

Gangsta Boo gave an exclusive interview to HipHopDX in 2011, where she explained her feelings about White people who try to act like African-Americans.

“I just don’t like White people that talk White around their White friends but get around Black people and pick up an African-American accent,” Gangsta Boo said at the time. “To me, I would say that’s a wigger. So to me, a wigger is someone who’s 100 percent “White power” with their White friends and when they get around their Black friends they’re Yo! MTV Raps type-shit. Like, super urban, talking with hella slang, and that’s really not them.”

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