On the heels of two more women stepping forward and accusing Bill Cosby of rape, TMZ caught up with CeeLo Green and asked the singer about his thoughts on the ongoing allegations.

“He hadn’t said anything, which is also, to some, an admission of guilt as well,” CeeLo said. “It doesn’t seem fair anyway you slice it.”

When asked to clarify if he thought that Cosby’s silence was actually an admission of guilt, CeeLo said “no” before adding, “it’s not for me to really judge it.”

“No, no, no, I’m saying that can be the perception,” he said. “And it is the perception of many simply because he hadn’t made a formal statement defending himself. But you can’t defend yourself in that capacity. You just have to let facts be facts and so on and so forth. The facts have to speak the loudest. With that being said, none of it seems fair. And of course to any victim in that situation, it’s highly unfair. Extremely unfair. It’s not for me to really judge it. I definitely can’t judge it but it’s just unfortunate because he’s so beloved to so many people.”

In August, CeeLo Green pled no contest to sharing ecstasy with a woman who accused him of slipping the drug into her drink. CeeLo was originally accused of drugging the woman, apparently a girlfriend of several months at the time, without her knowledge or consent at a bar in downtown L.A in July of 2012. Last year a rape charge in the same case was rejected by prosecutors after Green’s lawyer claimed the artist “had consensual sex with the woman he gave ecstasy to.” Shortly after, CeeLo Tweeted and quickly deleted a string of Tweets about his own view on what constitutes rape and was consequently dropped from a United States Navy-sponsored event as a result.

After failing to respond to the most recent wave of accusations over the past several weeks, Bill Cosby took his first public actions against at least one allegation by filing legal documents that show his accuser tried to sell the story to tabloids and claim that she tried to extort him out of $250,000 in exchange for her silence. The woman, Judy Huth, recently publicized accusations that the comedian assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion in 1974 when she was only 15 years old.

Shortly after Huth’s allegations, two more women stepped forward yesterday (December 3) and relayed similar stories of being drugged and sexually assaulted by Cosby. So far 19 women have made their accusations against Cosby public.

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