Nearly 20 years ago, Detroit, Michigan rapper Eminem appeared in an on-air cypher on Baruch College Radio’s Solo Vibes radio show. Over the weekend, audio from Em’s radio appearance was released.

In addition to releasing audio of the radio show featuring Eminem, DJ Sincere, one of the hosts of the Solo Vibes radio show spoke on how the rapper’s appearance on their show came about.

“Skam (mentioned on the Eminem song ‘Stan’) had met Eminem thru his manager Paul Rosenberg and gave P-Love his demo maybe in mid November,” DJ Sincere said while speaking exclusively with HipHopDX. “Skam always spoke about how dope Eminem was and thanks to him and Shabaam Sahdeeq (who along with DJ Spinna and a few other underground emcees: A.L (All Lyrics), Kwest, and Skam were recording a few songs with Shabaam for his single on Rawkus records) had hooked up Em to come to our show the night before to come thru on Tuesday. We already had A.L on our show and since A.L had recently won a battle event in NY. We thought it would be cool to pair him with Eminem to rhyme back and forth, (there were only two microphones so only two MC’s could go at a time.”

DJ Sincere went on to describe Eminem, who was joined by his manager Paul Rosenberg, as “somewhat shy or just cool” during his time at the studio and says the rapper “killed it” with his freestyle. The Solo Vibes radio show host also recalled Rosenberg bringing Royce Da 5’9 to their radio show months after Eminem’s appearance.

“I remember when Eminem came to the show with Paul Rosenberg,” he said. “Eminem comes in somewhat shy or just cool and I thought Paul was his bodyguard because he was a big dude. Needless to say Em killed it with a battle style that was so sharp, besides his flow and delivery, how he spit, what he spit, and how everyone in the room was so impressed. You could hear laughter, oooooo’s and ahhhhhs after some of his punch lines. All the emcees up there that night killed it and you could feel the energy and how raw it was just on some hip-hop shit. I thanked Eminem and kept in touch with Paul over the course of the years we continued the show. He brought up an unsigned rapper named Royce Da 5’9 a few months later and we made history that night as well but that’s another story.”

Eminem’s freestyle on the Solo Vibes radio show came roughly one year after the release of his debut album, Infinite, and a little over a year before the release of his highly-touted follow-up, The Slim Shady LP.

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