After releasing his latest solo EP early in the month, Joe Budden sat down with XXL to speak about the project, what people think of him in Hip Hop, and hopes to release the Slaughterhouse group album next year.

“I’ve been pretty quiet,” Budden said. “Dormant, as far as people hearing me in a solo capacity for a few years. It’s been almost two years since my last project. I mean, shit, if not now then when?”

Addressing the reception from the latest in his Love Lost series, Budden hinted that fans gravitate towards his “dark, gloomy shit.”

“It’s been pretty good,” he said. “People have been extremely receptive or so it seems. People always like when I’m fucking releasing some dark, gloomy shit. They just like me in that regard. But it’s been good. It’s been good. I was anxious to see it. Tremendous amount of support from my peers. I couldn’t ask for much more.”

During the interview Budden also revealed hopes to release the Slaughterhouse group album in the second quarter of next year.

“Slaughterhouse album should be due out, hopefully second quarter of 2015,” he said. “We’ve been working diligently. It’s not all the way wrapped up yet. Probably about, I wanna say, 75% done. That’s my number. If you ask the rest of the group their number might be totally different. Yeah, I think we’re about 75% done.”

On Shady Records, which is set to release a compilation album early next week, Budden said simply, “They have been extremely consistent for quite a number of years. That consistency doesn’t seem to be falling anytime soon.”

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