Despite their contributions to music, producer Swizz Beatz revealed that when he speaks to fellow artists Jay Z and Nas, the three are more likely to have “life conversations” than they are to speak about music.

The Bronx, New York beatsmith later revealed that he speaks to Jay Z nearly every day.

And while speaking on the importance of celebrating each other more, he recalled giving Nas, who his son is named after, his Basquiat chain after the rapper complimented him on it.

“I speak to Jay every day, almost,” Swizz Beatz said. “I keep posted on everybody that I made hits with cause it’s not about music with us no more. I might speak to Jay about not music every time. I might speak to Nas about no music, you name it. Most of the people I speak to in the industry it’s not about music. We have life conversations. And if we happen to do music that’s dope. But we gotta celebrate each other more. And I tell all my friends that in the industry. I say ‘Yo, we gotta celebrate each other more. When was the last time you sent somebody a card saying ‘happy birthday?’ When’s the last time you did something for somebody? When’s the last time you bought somebody something?’ You know what I’m saying? It’s like when Nas came up to me and he complimented my Basquiat chain, I gave that shit to him because that’s Nas. In other countries when somebody compliments something you give that shit to them. Especially if they’re worthy of it.”

Just recently, Swizz Beatz was gifted with his own street in The Bronx, which is currently located on the Grand Concourse. During his interview with Vlad TV, he spoke on what an honor it was to receive something that will last for a lifetime.

“I had to do Swizz Beatz Street,” he said. “Beat Street was one of my favorite movies…To have, for my sons and for my daughters and my future family and my family period, to go to the Bronx and see Swizz Beatz Street, man. That means I’ve been here. I was here. That’s for a lifetime. That’s a real street. You can put that in your navigation. It’s on the Grand Concourse for one year. And then I get to place it wherever. I get to put it anywhere in the Bronx.”

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