Willie Band$, an affiliate of Migos, took to Instagram yesterday (November 17) to show that Donno Wildass put a restraining order on him according to VladTV.

This past weekend, Migos member Quavo claimed he got his chain snatched during an altercation in Washington, D.C. Band$ was involved in the fight and was charged with aggravated assault the website says, citing Kollege Kidd.

In the video, Band$ shows a wristband and then waves papers saying, “Aye man, these pussy-niggas ain’t raw, man. These pussy-niggas out here policing fresh out the county. Agg charge, beat yo ass for that chain. And the pussy-nigga put a restraining orders on nigga. This DC court paperwork. Restraining order.”

Quavo resposted the video to his personal Instagram page.

“@migobands (Band$) Fresh out the DC County for Agg. Assault! ASK YA BOI. Lol Restrain Order,” the caption says.

Both posts have since been deleted.

Donno Wildass responded by posting a note to his Instagram page that reads,

“Quavo a bitch real street nigga not goin let his chain get took. Talkin bout restrain order In my city nigga show statements on ig now show da world ur paperwork fuk nigga!! #flawlessresume”.

He also posted a video of a gold chain like one Quavo has been seen wearing. Wildass is waving money while driving and holding the chain.

Rapper Capo, who is a member of Chief Keef’s GBE crew, reposted Wildass’ video. Migos reignited its beef with Chief Keef when the members got in a fight with Capo earlier this month.

Video and screen shots of the comments are as follows:

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