In a new interview with the Murder Master Music Show, former deejay for The D.O.C. and right-hand to Eazy-E DJ Speed opened up about his thoughts on Eazy’s death and Jerry Heller’s perceived role in N.W.A.’s success. Nearly an hour into the interview Speed says outright, “Fuck Jerry,” and calls the infamous manager “a snake.”

“Fuck Jerry,” DJ Speed said. “I said, ‘Fuck Jerry’ even when I worked for Ruthless. Jerry, to me, in my eyes, is a snake. Jerry was an opportunist that saw five muthafuckaz that were hungry and that wanted to be out there. He helped them get out there but at the same time he kind of fucked alotta people over. It’s a lot of things that ain’t really out there that if people knew, they would definitely frown on Jerry. Me at this point, I’m not gonna put it out there. There’s other people that can explain it way better than me. With the whole Ruthless thing, it’s a puzzle. You got the players: Tomica, Jerry. Those are the people that when they speak people wanna believe it…’Oh, I was the closest to Eazy so you gotta believe me.’ Man, fuck you Jerry. You can say you was the closest to Eazy but if you close to somebody do you take money out of their bank account every fucking day? Is that what you do to people that you close with? Really, Jerry? For real? Yeah, I put it out there. Jerry, I hope you’re listening to this. Fuck you. You don’t do that to people that to people that are homies.”

After speaking about Eazy’s quickly deteriorating health and surprise death from AIDS, Speed was asked directly if he thinks Jerry Heller killed Eazy-E.

“I can’t say yeah but I wouldn’t put it past nobody that was around him,” he replied. “It’s stuff that makes me think, ‘Okay, he could have had something to do with it.’ But it’s like, I just don’t wanna be saying that, it reflects off the group too. I can’t speak on that. But to me, I wouldn’t put it past him. I just wouldn’t. He’s the one who’s glorifying that he was the greatest manager and all this shit. You wasn’t the greatest manager dude, you were an asshole. Just like, he’s writing books and talking shit about people and then you mad ‘cause they doing a movie and they got your character in there and you mad because you think they gon’ portray you in a bad light. They not portraying him in a bad light, they portraying him in a light that he was. They portraying you for who you were Jerry. It’s no fucking sugarcoating it, that’s who you was. When you wrote that book you didn’t give a fuck about nobody’s feelings. So why do you think people on this side are gonna give a fuck about your feelings now with the movie? They’re not. You put a lot of people under the bus in that book.”

During the show Speed also touched on the possibility of unreleased Eazy-E material before revealing plans to release a mixtape with unheard N.W.A. music.

“As far as Eazy verses, I’ve asked Yella like three times,” Speed said. “He tells me there’s not. Eric was the type of person, he would just go to the studio and when you’re there, he was either trying to write or somebody would write for him. They kind of wrote on the spot. There was a lot of music but not a lot of vocals to go with it. I personally think it is something somewhere out there. I wish I had the reels to find out. Me, personally, I got the Niggaz4Life demos. I’m making a mixtape…I got the ‘She Swallowed It,’ I got the version that wasn’t on the album because Herbie Hancock wouldn’t clear the sample. So I got that version. I got a song with Ren like two years ago called ‘Super West Coast.’ I’ma throw that on there.”

Listen to DJ Speed’s full interview with the Murder Master Music Show here

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