Since Eric “Eazy E” Wright’s 1995 death, his Ruthless Records imprint has been run by his widow, Tomica Woods-Wright. The former A&R for the label released albums by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Stevie Stone and Baby S in her tenure as Ruthless President. While maintaining the label that introduced the world to N.W.A. and Above The Law, Wright has faced criticism from Eazy’s business partner, Bizzy Bone and now even Hopsin.

In 2009, Hopsin released Gazing At The Moonlight with the label. Speaking with HipHopDX this month, the Panorama City, California emcee/videographer explained his departure from Ruthless, with strong words for its president. “Tomica Wright, she’s just a stupid-ass bitch. She doesn’t know what she’s doing. My grandma could have done better, literally, not even joking. She’s stingy with money and she makes the dumbest moves.” Hopsin listed examples, “She’ll blow $40,000 on a music video when I’m telling her I can do dope-ass videos, that can get a bunch of views, for $500, she was sleeping on me. she doesn’t put out any of her artists. She is the definition of an idiot. I just want to slap the fuck out of her. She doesn’t take advice. She thinks she’s Oprah, the fucking king of the world.” 

Now at Funk Volume, Hopsin took personally some of Wright’s suggestions about his style. “She tried to change my image a few times. It was a horrible label. It was probably the worst label ever. You won’t get any money at all, except a signing bonus. Then they will lie to you. She told me she would take me to the San Diego Zoo. We never went. I was excited, I’ve never been there. That’s one of the things that she said to get me to sign. She promised me I was going to have my own brand of contacts. Nope, never happened. She didn’t get me any merchandise. Didn’t get me on tour. Didn’t get me any radio play. Not even on [Power 106‘s] New @ 2. Even my local homies get on New @ 2. I can’t even can get on New @ 2? Fuck Ruthless Records.”

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Hopsin released RAW in November of 2010. On the album, he included “Kill Her”, a song dedicated to Tomica Wright-Woods. Hopsin explained to DX, “I had these tracks already planned to diss Tomica. I had this song called ‘Kill Her’ for like a year, but I put it out a year later when I just couldn’t take it anymore. I made the video to it, put it out and that started the buzz officially for my Raw album. Then I came out with ‘Sag My Pants’ and it’s still going from there. Yeah, fuck Ruthless.”

Stay tuned for HipHopDX’s full interview with Hopsin next week.

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Additional Reporting by Allen Jacobs.