Thanks to his work with the #SaveChicago campaign, Chicago, Illinois rapper Chance The Rapper was awarded with “Chicago’s Outstanding Youth Of The Year Award” over the weekend.

Complex reports that Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel presented Chance with the award, which read:

“For your outstanding contributions to the youth of Illinois. You have given of yourself to the upward mobility of young people throughout the state of Illinois.”

The Windy City rapper tweeted about the award over the weekend and revealed that it was “an honor to bear that weight.”

Earlier this year, Chance appeared on CNN’s “Chicagoland” to discuss gun violence in his city. He recalled creating his “Paranoia” record following the death of his close friend, Kevin Ambrose, to gun violence.

“It’s about the people that are affected beyond the two people that have a confrontation,” Chance said during the “Chicagoland” episode, which aired in March. “It’s really just about putting the death of a young innocent person in front of a bunch of people’s faces.”

And during an interview with Sway Calloway of Shade 45 last year, Chance brought attention to the easy accessibility of guns.

“Them 15-year-olds got guns, 14-year-olds got guns, 13-year-olds got guns,” he said. “It’s because of how accessible that shit is to kids and I really don’t know where the center point is or where all the violence is coming from.”

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