Chicago’s Chance The Rapper has become somewhat of a rarity in the Windy City. As someone who has lifted off without an affiliation with the drill scene, Chance has a unique perspective when it comes to violence and violent lyrics in music.

Sitting down with Sway Calloway and Shade 45, Chance The Rapper spoke on the violence in his city and attributes it to the mistrust of others.

“My theory is that it’s just fear,” Chance said. “People are just afraid and there’s a mentality of no lacking shit where niggas don’t want to be caught lacking and feel like everyone’s out to get me and nobody’s on my side.”

Chance also said that the paranoia starts at an early age and has made kids reach for a weapon before they are even legally allowed to drive a car.

“Them 15-year-olds got guns, 14-year-olds got guns, 13-year-olds got guns,” he said. “It’s because of how accessible that shit is to kids and I really don’t know where the center point is or where all the violence is coming from.”

Watch the full segment with Chance The Rapper below (via Shade 45):

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