According to TMZ, a lawsuit filed by musician Joel McDonald against Jay Z, Kanye West, and Frank Ocean is now heading to federal court.

With the move to federal court, added details have been revealed in McDonald’s lawsuit against the trio of artists.

In his initial lawsuit, which was filed in New York State court in August, McDonald stated that Jay Z, Kanye, and Ocean used his “Made In America” record while making their record of the same name for the Watch The Throne album.

The lawsuit filed in federal court states that McDonald was selling his CD, which featured “Made In America,” outside of the hotel a portion of Watch The Throne was recorded at.

He adds that producer and Watch The Throne collaborator Mike Dean bought one of his CDs outside of the Mercer Hotel, the hotel Dean was working with Jay Z, Kanye, and Ocean at.

McDonald was initially seeking $3 million in damages as part of his lawsuit. It’s currently unclear if the musician is seeking the same amount, although TMZ does report that he wants Jay Z, Kanye, and Ocean to dish out a portion of their profits.

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