Following comments she made about fellow artist Iggy Azalea during an interview on ThisIs50 Radio, Rah Digga was again asked about Iggy during an interview with The Newark, New Jersey rapper was asked if there’s a chance that she would work with Iggy Azalea, Remy Ma, or Nicki Minaj.

In response to the question, Digga revealed that a collaboration with Remy Ma could be possible because she’s actually met her. She says she’s never met Iggy or Nicki, but added that she’d take a “never say never” approach when it concerns collaborating with those two artists.

“I mean, I would never say ‘never,’” Rah Digga said. “I think me and Remy are very similar in terms of our street cadence. As far as Nicki and Iggy… musically, it would just have to make sense. … We usually have to be friends before we do songs, like we’ve broken bread or we’ve had some kind of vibing session. I rarely do songs with people I don’t know or never met before. Remy, I know. I’ve never met Nicki or Iggy personally, so I wouldn’t just have my handlers call their handlers out-of-the-blue and say, ‘Hey, you want to do a record?’ We would have to gel organically first, and then if that opportunity presented itself.”

During an interview with ThisIs50 Radio in September, Rah Digga shared her belief that Iggy Azalea isn’t Hip Hop.

“Personally, I don’t consider her Hip Hop. I listen to her album. Everything that I hear on there is everything but that. And I feel like Hip Hop is Hip Hop,” she said during the radio interview.

Rah Digga also spoke with about why we only see a few female rappers in the spotlight at a time. According to the former Flipmode Squad lyricist, it’s because female emcees are presented as products in mainstream music.

“In the case of female MCs, the reason why you’re not seeing so many of them in the mainstream is because when you’re talking mainstream, you’re talking music business,” she said. “And those business minds are thinking to themselves, ‘Is this product going to sell? Is it sexy enough to sell? Do people really want to hear what chicks are saying in rap, or do we just want to look at them?’ So, I think that has a lot to do with why the music business will shun certain types of female artists. But the hip hop community, we’ll love them and we’ll carry the torch for them and with them.”

Lastly, Rah Digga commented on the possibility of working with Busta Rhymes again. She says they aren’t actively pursuing any work together, but added that a collaboration between the two shouldn’t be ruled out.

“I definitely wouldn’t rule out a Busta-Rah Digga collabo because he’s still my brother at the end of the day,” Digga said. “We’re not in each other’s faces like that, we’re not working together like that, but we are still friends. So I wouldn’t rule that out. That would probably happen before an actual Flipmode reunion or anything like that because I think that everybody just, again, everybody has grown apart. We tried it, well I ain’t gonna say, ‘we tried it’ — we did it. It worked for a certain amount of time, and then once it didn’t work anymore everybody just kind of moved on.”

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