A lot of Iggy Azalea’s criticism has come from outside of the music realm and now, the Australian-born rapper may be addressing some of it in the spirit of holiday.

Last night, Azalea set the rap world and social media ablaze as she dressed up as a “White Chick” for Halloween. She portrays one of the main characters from the film of the same name. This stunt may be more than just a coincidence. There has been an Internet meme circulating around the web for the past few weeks comparing the rapper to Shawn Wayans’ character in the movie where he is actually dressed up as a caucasian woman. Snoop Dogg had also circulated a meme that started a beef between the two portraying Iggy as someone else, however it didn’t have to do with White Chicks.

It is uncertain whether Iggy Azalea’s costume was deliberately aimed at making light of the recent public attacks she has fielded. 



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