After releasing his “i” single last month, it appears Compton, California lyricist Kendrick Lamar may be gearing up to release more new music. Yesterday (October 29), Scott Vener, the music curator of HBO’s television show “Entourage,” took to Twitter to reveal some details about an upcoming Kendrick Lamar record allegedly titled “King Kunta.”

Describing the track, that was heard during an impromptu listening session over the weekend, Vener said it took him “back to ‘90s Hip Hop” and gave him “a tour of the cultural fabric of LA like never before.” 

Last month, Lamar said that he is making a point to minimize outside musical influences while working on his forthcoming album.

“When I go into creating an album or any type of song, I usually cut off everything from the radio because you can easily be influenced from songs that you like, songs that you may not like,” Lamar said at the time. “So I said, ‘I’m gonna go in the studio and I’m going to do what I feel organically without being confined to industry standards or what people assume that I should do,’ because at the end of the day, man, I’m an artist and I would hate to be stagnant.”

Scott Vener’s tweets can be seen below:

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