Saturday (October 25) was the 20-year anniversary of Common’s sophomore album, Resurrection.

Recently sitting down with REVOLT TV, the Chicago rapper/poet remembered the album that dropped on October 25, 1994 and says it seems like a much shorter amount of time has passed since its release.

“It’s funny to think about 20 years because sometimes it doesn’t seem like that long,” Common told REVOLT in reflecting on the album. “One other aspect of it is I feel grateful that I’m performing songs and people that’s only 23 in the audience know the song, so that’s already a blessing.”

Common also says he feels grateful that some of the people who helped make the 20-year-old classic are still working with him today on music.

“I’m grateful that we had that album and that people are familiar with it or get familiar with it, it’s still an honor but I’ve got to get doing what I’m doing now,” he said. “The great thing is that I’m working with No I.D. [he] produced a majority of that album and for us to be working together 20 years later, we knew each other since we were 10 years old, so we knew each other 10 years before the album came out… It’s great to still have some of the album’s core people still with me.”

Watch the full video interview segment here.

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