Speaking with HipHopDX at an album listening session for Def Jam artist and songwriter Elijah Blake, producer No I.D. addressed how a music market dominated by streaming will affect the relationship fans have with artists and their music.

Explaining that an musician’s name recognition and audience will need to grow even more to be successful in the streaming era, No I.D. said, “We have to turn it into a world market.”

“All of this, everything we doing with music, it’s gotta reach billions of people and not millions,” he added in a clip that premiered as a part of today’s DX Daily (October 21). “You know, sometimes that makes people say, ‘I don’t know what to do.’ But, what to do is we let it come out and let people get into it. Then we keep putting it out until accidents happen like all the luck in the world lines up and you just have this smash. Then all of a sudden people go back and research everything and then they become fans, especially as we moving into a streaming era, where music is going to be streamed. That means you just gotta have enough good music that people like and want to listen to. Being an executive now also seeing where we’re going and knowing what I think is going to be necessary. Those with the most and best songs will prevail in the future. It won’t really be just about the marketing.”