Following a recent listening session for Elijah Blake’s latest EP, Drift, producer No I.D. explained in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, that premiered in today’s DX Daily (October 9), how he challenged the ARTium artist to write 10 songs in one day.    

“I just got through watching this video from a book Quincy Jones wrote called ‘Q On Producing’ where he was talking about a state called the ‘Alpha State,’” No I.D. says. “It’s where you’re half-sleep and half awake and you’re in the most creative place and things come out and you don’t get in the way of your own thoughts.”

“So I was really trying to tire him out and hope that the songs would just come out of just, ‘Let me just hurry up and finish this,’ and he don’t have to think about it and think about, ‘Is it the single or the club record?’ It’s just not right,” No I.D. continues. 

Elijah Blake’s Drift EP is currently available for streaming here.

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