Speaking with HipHopDX about the negative connotation surrounding ghostwriting in the Hip Hop community, Mistah F.A.B. explained his take on the practice and said, “don’t judge someone else if that’s what they chose to do.”

“I don’t think age has to do to it,” Mistah F.A.B. says in a clip that debuted as a part of today’s DX Daily (October 23), “but when you get to a mindset and a level of comprehension you understand that this game is about writing hit records. It’s about doing things that get checks, you know? As much as we love it, we all have lifestyles that has to be paid for and this is what funds them. So people can go on and say whatever, ‘Oh, I’m a real Hip Hop artist, I write my own lyrics.’ Okay. Is that really being successful for you? If it’s making a great career for yourself then be happy in your own eachness. That’s what I like to call it ‘cause each his own. Be happy with that, but don’t judge someone else if that’s what they chose to do and they continuing to move forward.”