During a 30-minute long interview with Hot 97 personality Ebro Darden, Baltimore, Maryland rapper King Los addressed a variety of topics, including his upcoming studio album, and also dropped several freestyles.

The lyricist confirmed that he is signed to RCA Records and also spoke on his time spent as an artist signed to Bad Boy Records, which ended after things gradually “went bad.” He says the situation ultimately left him back in the hood.

“It was just six years with us. I spent a large time of my life before them,” King Los said in a video posted on AllHipHop.com. “Before I even met him. I actually had a deal with Bad Boy. I was connected to some people that was connected to some things. And it just went bad. The [past] just caught up and I lost that whole situation. So, I was actually regressed back to like the hood.”

Despite his departure from Bad Boy Records, Los says Puff Daddy will serve as executive producer on his upcoming studio album. He referred to the Bad Boy Records founder as his “big bro” and revealed that Puff wants to play a role in “the shaping and the molding” of his music career.

“We have my OG, Puff Daddy,” he said. “Who is executive producing. Yeah, that’s like big bro. We tight. Like really, really close…That guy’s around and he’s like—Wants to be very instrumental in just the shaping and the molding of what I do. And make sure it stays legendary. That’s his whole thing. Cause he also feels like…I’m one of the guys that can be handed that type of responsibility. So, that’s big.”

Although the rapper didn’t name names, King Los says he recently received praise from “one of the most legendary rappers of all time,” via a phone call he received. He says the cosign did add “way more pressure,” but also served as validation and confirmation.

“I’ve actually had—In the recent week, one of the most legendary rappers of all time call me and say that I’m probably the craziest thing on Earth,” the rapper said. “So, that’s way more pressure. Trust me. Way more pressure. If this a person that I’ve heard and that I thought was the most ridiculous person and it’s like the feeling’s mutual. Yeah. And that’s been happening a lot lately. It kind of was like a validation. Like more of a confirmation of what I know. It was like ‘Damn, that’s what’s up. Okay, I’m doing it right.’ And I’m like—I haven’t put out recent material, so it’s like people catching up to what’s going on. So, when I put the new stuff out that I feel is even better then it’ll be like a new level. It’s all about levels, man.”

Lastly, King Los offered his thoughts on New York City Hip Hop and Hip Hop in general. In regards to New York City Hip Hop, he says fans didn’t lose support, but instead gained “a more receptive ear” when it concerned music outside of the region.

King Los also declared that “corny is cool right now” in Hip Hop.

“People just grew to having a more receptive ear,” Los said. “That’s the only thing happened. Y’all didn’t lose support. Y’all didn’t stop. It was like ‘Yo, I gotta play this cause you know what? I gotta admit this is hot. Like I’m not gonna front’…If you talking streetwise, the 80s was a doper era because there was just—It was just more—It was more organized. It was dope…You talking about the birth of Hip Hop, right? So, if you look at a child’s life. In their early years they’re not restricted by many boundaries. As a kid you actually think one day that you can fly. Everybody has that as a kid. Like ‘I wish I could fly.’ People stopped wishing they could fly when reality slaps them in the face around like 14, 15…That’s just reality. Straight up. So, that’s just the way I look at it. And that’s how Hip Hop was. Back then you felt like you could do anything. Now it’s just more limited. A lot of people copy and it’s like—corny is cool right now.”

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