S1’s catalog with notable figures in Hip Hop music is deep. Working with everyone from Kanye West and Beyoncé to Little Brother and Ghostface Killah, Symbolic One has seen his work shine through many a fan base.

The Waco, Texas native was recently called upon by Lupe Fiasco to produce some songs on his next album, Tetsuo & Youth, and in the process, the two decided to create a collaborative album together as well.

Recently sitting down with DJ Booth at A3C, S1 talked about the Black Vietnam joint effort and explained how the record got its name.  

“The name actually came from, what we did was we took to Twitter and we let fans decide the name,” he explained when asked about the title. “It was between two names–Momma Boys and Black Vietnam. We put it out there and everybody was like, ‘Black Vietnam, Black Vietnam!.”

S1 noted that the album is not complete yet with only a few songs having been recorded. “The songs came out so incredible for the solo album, why not do a [full] record with you?”

S1 also described Tetsuo & Youth and says the album is what fans are going to want to hear because he claims Lupe is “comfortable” rapping on the instrumentals he provided.

“The records on his album, he is so comfortable and we was like, ‘This is it,’ he said. “He was like, ‘Man I’m comfortable rapping on these type of beats and I think it’s what a lot of fans are wanting to hear him on too… It’s incredible, just his flow, patterns and everything is just so dope.. We’ve been interacting really creatively with each other just so we can know that this is the best that it could possibly be.”

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